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What is The Bank for International Settlements(BIS)?
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international financial institution that serves as a central bank for central banks. Established in 1930, the BIS acts as a forum for central banks and provides a platform for collaboration, research, and information exchange among its member institutions.

The primary objective of the BIS is to promote monetary and financial stability globally. It achieves this by fostering cooperation among central banks and international financial authorities, facilitating the implementation of monetary policy, and providing a platform for central banks to address common challenges and share best practices.

The BIS also serves as a bank for central banks, offering a range of financial services to support their operations and facilitate international transactions. It acts as a hub for central bank activities, including the management of international reserves, settlement of transactions, and provision of emergency financial assistance.

In addition to its operational functions, the BIS conducts research and analysis on key issues related to global financial stability, monetary policy, and banking supervision. It publishes regular reports and organizes conferences and seminars to disseminate knowledge and promote dialogue among policymakers and experts.

As an influential institution in the global financial system, the BIS plays a crucial role in promoting cooperation and stability among central banks and contributing to the smooth functioning of the international monetary and financial system.

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