May 31, 2023 15:12

CryptoTanks Promotions

Legendary NFT game CryptoTanks launches on the mainnet and runs a community airdrop with a $3000 prize pool and 5 TANK NFTs. Visit the Zealy page and complete simple tasks to earn entries. The top 20 participants on the leaderboard will share 2,000...


May 30, 2023 19:43

Anycoin Promotions

Get access for free to the videos offered by Anycoin. You will learn all kind of topics related to cryptos, going from the basics, like which is the best crypto to buy, up to how smart contracts and blockchain...


May 29, 2023 11:24

AltLayer Promotions

AltLayer is a platform allowing decentralised application developers to construct highly scalable application-tailored execution layers (aka Layer 2s) using Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS). AltLayer may save application teams significant resources and...


May 26, 2023 14:37

Cheelee Promotions

Cheelee is airdropping a total of $5,000,000 worth of CHEEL to users who complete simple airdrop tasks. Download the Chelee app, complete the social tasks and also invite at least 3 friends to be eligible to receive between $10 to $100 worth of CHEEL...


May 25, 2023 17:23

Smart Aliens Promotions

Smart Aliens is an Open Source game about funny #SmartNFT Aliens that live together in the Andromeda galaxy, built on Arbitrum and connected to different chains in the future with a goal to bring more happiness to people and letting average player to...


May 24, 2023 11:08

Aark Digital Promotions

Aark Digital is the first Peer-to-Pool perpetuals DEX custom built for professional traders. With Aark Digital, users have access to instant liquidity at the same level of CEXs and 50+ trading pairs. This means users can trade with ease and...


May 23, 2023 10:15


30 USDT Crypto No Deposit Bonus – Bitlivecoin provides a 30 bonus for live trading with no KYC verification. Complete a few simple steps to opt-in for the offer and trade your crypto assets with a 30 USDT incentive. Participate in the unique...


May 22, 2023 17:00

Everstrike Promotions

Crypto No Deposit Bonus – Everstrike offers a cryptocurrency no deposit bonus of up to 72 USDT for taking part in the promotional campaign. Complete the tasks to earn a bonus for live trading in real-time market conditions. The bonus was...


May 19, 2023 01:51

DeFiChain Promotions

DeFiChain and Cake DeFi are jointly airdropping $30 worth of DFI coins to new users. Create an account at Cake DeFi, complete your verification and deposit $50 worth of any coin to receive the rewards. Also get $10 worth DFI for each...


May 18, 2023 12:50

CryptoWealthInvestments Promotions

Welcome Package from CryptoWealthInvestments. Get extra benefits when opening an account, what you get depends on your type of account as follows:

* Please keep in mind that cryptocurrencies exchanges are not regulated, we recommend that you use it with caution.