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What is digital economic?
A digital economy is an economic activity that utilizes the internet and digital devices. You are one of the actors in the digital economy if you sell goods through e-commerce such as a shop. Other parties who purchase your goods through e-commerce are also actors in the digital economy. As long as a party creates a blog on the internet, even if they do not intend to sell anything, they are one of the actors in the digital economy since they pay a certain amount of money to a hosting company to host their blog, and eventually many people can access it.
The term "digital economy" refers to an economic system where digital technologies play a central role in economic activities. This transformative concept encompasses the use of digital platforms, data, and information and communication technologies to enhance economic processes. In a digital economy, businesses leverage digital tools for production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Key elements of the digital economy include e-commerce, online transactions, digital marketing, and the utilization of big data and analytics. The integration of technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things further amplifies the efficiency and innovation within this economic framework.

The digital economy has reshaped traditional industries, fostering connectivity, automation, and new business models. It not only accelerates economic growth but also presents challenges related to cybersecurity, privacy, and digital literacy. Embracing the digital economy is essential for nations and businesses to stay competitive and adapt to the evolving landscape of the modern global economy.

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