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What is valuation clause?
A valuation clause is a provision commonly included in contracts or agreements that specifies the method or criteria for determining the value of a particular asset, property, or business entity. It is used to establish a fair and objective valuation for various purposes, such as in the event of a buyout, sale, merger, or dissolution of a partnership.

The valuation clause outlines the specific factors, methodologies, or experts to be used in determining the value of the asset or entity. It may refer to market value, book value, fair value, or a combination of different valuation approaches. The clause helps prevent disputes and ensures that all parties involved have a clear understanding of how the value will be determined.

Valuation clauses are particularly important in situations where there may be disagreement or uncertainty regarding the value of the asset. By including a valuation clause in a contract, the parties involved can have a predetermined mechanism to resolve any valuation-related disputes and proceed with the transaction or agreement in a fair and transparent manner.

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