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What is e-bond?
An e-bond, short for an electronic bond, refers to a type of bond that is issued and traded electronically. It is a digital version of a traditional bond, which is a debt instrument issued by governments, municipalities, corporations, or other entities to raise capital.

E-bonds leverage advancements in technology and financial infrastructure to facilitate faster and more efficient bond transactions. They are typically issued and stored in electronic form, eliminating the need for physical paper certificates. This electronic format allows for easy transfer and trading of bonds through electronic platforms or trading systems.

Investors can access and trade e-bonds through various electronic trading platforms or marketplaces. The digital nature of e-bonds also enables investors to receive interest payments and principal repayments electronically, reducing administrative processes and enhancing convenience.

E-bonds offer benefits such as increased transparency, faster settlement, reduced paperwork, and wider accessibility to bond markets. They are becoming increasingly popular as digitalization continues to transform the financial industry, providing investors with more streamlined and efficient ways to participate in the bond market.

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