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Seasonal stocks are those with varying demand throughout the year. A swimming suit firm, for example, may not be profitable in the fall and winter, but it may perform well in the spring and summer (when bathing suits first appear in stores) (when bathing suits first arrive in shops). This is, however, a highly simplistic example. It does not suggest that you can confidently select a bathing suit maker, buy in the spring, and sell in November.
For example, where do wholesale transactions take place? To determine when the best time to trade is, you'll need to conduct extensive research, study financial and profit records, and compare historical data. Non-seasonal inventories are stockpiles that do not change seasonally. Consider the stock of a manufacturing company. Take. T-shirts are popular all year, though demand is highest in the summer. At this time of year, this would have a small impact on the inventory prices of enterprises in this industry.

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