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What is zero knowledge rollups?
Zero knowledge rollups are a technology used in blockchain networks to improve scalability and privacy. They allow for the efficient aggregation and verification of multiple transactions while keeping the underlying data confidential.

In a zero knowledge rollup, transactions are bundled together off-chain and only a cryptographic proof, known as a zero knowledge proof, is included on the blockchain. This proof verifies the correctness of the bundled transactions without revealing any specific details about them. It attests that the transactions are valid and adhere to the predefined rules of the blockchain network.

By employing zero knowledge rollups, blockchain networks can significantly reduce the computational and storage requirements needed to process and validate individual transactions on-chain. This helps improve scalability by allowing more transactions to be processed in a single block, thereby increasing the network's throughput.

Furthermore, zero knowledge rollups enhance privacy by obfuscating the transaction details. Since only the zero knowledge proof is stored on the blockchain, the specific transaction data remains hidden from public view. This protects sensitive information such as transaction amounts and participant identities, offering users greater privacy and confidentiality.

Overall, zero knowledge rollups are a promising solution to address scalability and privacy challenges in blockchain networks, enabling more efficient and secure transaction processing while preserving user confidentiality.

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