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What is PeppaAI?
PeppaAI is a fully decentralized and community-driven protocol with AI that makes interacting with your tokens in DeFi incredibly simple and secure. We're building a complete ecosystem that will utilize artificial intelligence and analytics to help you manage your assets in unprecedented ways. You may handle your money without fear of losing it. Our smart contracts ensure the safety of your valuables. Use AI technology to multiply your money. Peppa AI is more than just a meme coin.
PeppaAI futures products:
Staking: To double your tokens, place them in staking pools. AI technology is used in our pools. You will have access to several staking pools: $PeppaAI, $BNB, $BUSD, and other currencies
Farming: Earn extra $PeppaAI by becoming a liquidity provider. To earn extra $PeppaAI tokens, create an LP-pair and place it in a farming pool.
Swap: Token swaps on PeppaAI are a quick and easy way to exchange one token for another using automated liquidity pools on the BNB Smart Chain.
️Launchpad: A startup incubator focused on GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, and Meme initiatives.
P2E: We're working on a runner with Play to Earn mechanics. Keep an eye out for announcements.

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