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What Is a mainnet swap?
A mainnet swap refers to the process of transitioning a cryptocurrency from one blockchain network, typically a testnet or a separate development network, to its own independent and operational blockchain network, known as the mainnet. It involves migrating the digital assets, tokens, or coins from the testing or development environment to the live and fully functioning blockchain.

Mainnet swaps often occur when a project or cryptocurrency is in its early stages of development and wants to launch its own blockchain network. It is a critical step in the project's roadmap as it signifies the shift from a simulated or experimental environment to a real-world, operational network where transactions and operations take place with actual value.

During a mainnet swap, existing tokens on the testnet or development network are usually exchanged or converted into new tokens on the mainnet blockchain. This process ensures that the value and ownership of the tokens are transferred seamlessly from the old network to the new network.

Mainnet swaps may involve specific instructions, such as token swaps, wallet migrations, or registration processes, that users and token holders need to follow to ensure a smooth transition of their assets from the old network to the mainnet.

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