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A bitcoin transaction involves both a buyer and a seller. Because every purchase and sale has two opposing sides, someone will always benefit more from trade. As a result, trade is by definition a zero-sum game with both winners and losers. Basic understanding of how the bitcoin markets work may be utilised to minimise possible losses and increase earnings.
When a seller and buyer agree on a price, the transaction is completed through an exchange, which determines the asset's market value. Buyers usually put their orders at a lower cost than the tradings. As a result, the two components of a trade volume are generated.
Because there is more demand for the asset, cryptocurrency prices frequently rise when there are more purchasing orders than sell orders. In contrast, when there are more sellers than customers, the price falls. In exchange interfaces, buys and sells are generally represented by different colours. This is done to swiftly tell the trader about the current state of the market.
Traders may be familiar with the often proposed ancient adage "buy cheap, sell high." Although maximum and minimum prices are relative, the classic adage illustrates the incentive systems of consumers and sellers in an economy.

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