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Nov 02, 2022 a 14:34
There are no transaction fees. There is no need to pay for gas (as with Ethereum) or reward miners (as with Bitcoin) to complete transactions with IOTA. IOTA is a fee-free data and value transfer protocol that does not require miners or validators.
Transactions are completed faster. Because of the time, it takes to create new blocks, traditional blockchains frequently experience bottlenecks. The Bitcoin blockchain can handle about five transactions per second (TPS), though this can vary. It's usually around 15 TPS for Ethereum. It is possible for IOTA's network to handle up to 1,000 TPS.
Energy saving. IOTA is intended to support devices that operate in a low-energy environment, such as sensors. Even low-power IoT devices, such as toasters, can write data to IOTA's Tangle.
Adaptable to various use cases. Large corporations may customize IOTA for specific use cases. A car owner, for example, can grant remote access to their vehicle using IOTA Access, an open-source framework that allows access to control systems.
Roadmap for decentralization IOTA 2.0 is completely decentralized.

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