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The gold coin's fineness must be at least 22 carats. The higher the standard of a gold coin, the fewer alloys of copper or silver it contains. Because of the premiums associated with them, high-grade coins are worth less in terms of pure gold content. Some investors prefer 24-carat gold coins because the presence of copper in the coin makes it more durable and less likely to be damaged if the coins continue to change hands as they did previously. Of course, in the past, the coins were kept in safes, but that could change in the future.
The coin must be widely distributed (a large supply). Rare gold coins that cannot be obtained anywhere become numismatic coins with no specific market. If we consider gold coins to be a form of money, there must be a lot of them and they must be everywhere , because scarcity causes them to lose their money-like properties.
The gold coin must have a well-known brand name. One of the original goals and motivations for minting gold bullion coins was to establish trust and stability in the gold market. Gold coins transform a uniform product into something with a reputation, recognition, and a certain level of expectation. The best brands of gold coins, like most brands in the world, assure the buyer of the coin's fineness, weight, and quality, that is, they keep their promises.

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