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Aug 04, 2022 a 02:26
Investing in Bitcoin is the safest way to invest in crypto. There is no doubt that it is the most expensive, stable, and popular currency in the world. Statistics show that if a trader had invested 100 dollars in Bitcoin in 2009, he would now receive 9.2 million dollars in income. Traders who invested in Amazon shares in 2009 would now receive 3.3 thousand dollars, traders who invested in Apple shares would receive 2.4 thousand, but Microsoft shareholders would receive 1 thousand. Bitcoin's value is now about 33 thousand, which is very expensive compared to 2009. According to analysts, the bitcoin rate could rise to 100 thousand (especially since it has already reached 64 thousand). By the end of the year, Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, predicts Bitcoin will reach $100,000.

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