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Pac Finance is the first self-paying lending and margin trading protocol based on Blast L2. It has dual automated compounding and one-click leverage. Pac Finance protocol is notable for its entire open-source nature. This openness allows for seamless integration and interaction with the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts, user interface clients, or APIs. Pac Finance's open-source platform enables the creation of bespoke third-party services and apps, allowing for richer interactions with the protocol.
Pac Finance has indicated that they would introduce its own cryptocurrency in the future and have implemented a points system. Connect your Blast wallet and contribute assets to get points. You can also receive 20% of the points for each referral. Users who have bridged to Blast will receive bonus points for signing up with Pac Finance. Users that earn points will receive a Pac token airdrop when their token becomes live. Users that interact with Pac Finance will also receive Blast points and Blast Gold airdrops.

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